Laura Skopec is a writer, comedian, and recovering policy wonk. Her half-hour television comedy, “Clown Town,” is under option. Her humor pieces have appeared in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Belladonna Comedy, and Slackjaw Humor, and her stand-up was an official selection of the New York Underground Comedy Festival. Laura lives in Sunset Beach, CA with a lively first grader, a very patient husband, and a beautiful cat who hates her guts.



A holiday horror/comedy feature

When the leaders of a faux-festive Christmas town trap her friends in a holiday romcom hellscape, people-pleaser Dany Trevant must work with a smitten townie to hunt them down. Every Hallmark Christmas movie meets CABIN IN THE WOODS.

Austin Film Festival Second Rounder
Recommended by Script Pipeline
Recommended by NoBullscript Consulting


A half-hour television comedy

A frazzled Psychology Professor returns from maternity leave determined to pick up where her career left off, but a tenacious new rival, her ambivalence about motherhood, and a worrisome new fantasy life threaten to keep her from having it all.

Recommended by WeScreenplay
Recommended by NoBullscript Consulting


A half-hour television comedy

A stand-up comedian blows up her career in a drunken tirade and takes a job as a kids party entertainer while she navigates recovery.

In Development

Humor Publications

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Fat Lady Attempts to Get Health Care: An Oral History

An Open Letter to Preschool Homework

Slackjaw Humor

An Open Letter to Virtual School Attendance Policy

Karen Sends Her Son, a Very Gifted Young Man, to Public School


Tight 5 at the DC Improv.