A half-hour television comedy

A stand-up comedian blows up her career in a drunken tirade and takes a job as a kids party entertainer while she navigates recovery.

In Development


A Holiday horror/comedy feature

When her best friends drag her to a quaint little Christmas town for the weekend, the Grinch of the group must break out of her sidekick role and fight her way through the town’s murderous underworld to save her friends from being trapped in a cheesy holiday romcom, forever. A Hallmark Christmas movie meets CABIN IN THE WOODS.

Recommended by Script Pipeline
Recommended by NoBullscript Consulting
Second Rounder, Austin Film Festival 2022


A half-hour television comedy

A frazzled Psychology Professor returns from maternity leave determined to pick up where her career left off, but a tenacious new rival, her ambivalence about motherhood, and a worrisome new fantasy life threaten to keep her from having it all.

Recommended by WeScreenplay
Recommended by NoBullscript Consulting


A half-hour television comedy

Two Florida dirtbags think they have devised the perfect low-risk con – billing Medicare for fake home health visits – until an ill-advised one-night stand forces them to go legit.

Finalist, Stage32 TV Comedy Screenwriting Contest 2021
Quarterfinalist, Slamdance Screenplay Competition 2021
8 on the Blacklist website